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Health is our wealth

Here are some healthy tips to stay fit and active, we should know that physical health relates to the mind.

Health is connected with all the internal as well as externals organs.

True happiness only reflects when a person is healthy. Also coupled with mind and body both.

In short good health is your treasure.

All of us want a healthy body and to attain good health, we will discuss here, how to be physically fit and strong. What is healthy whereas unhealthy food.

What are some bad habits that we should sacrifice also good habits we should follow?


One of the most effective health tips are to be fit and active, is to make a habit of doing yoga and stretching regularly, as a result, we will be fit and healthy. strengthens our muscles and increases flexibility in our body. To keep us Fit and Active.


Tips to be fit and healthy, one most effective Healthy Tip is to make a habit of going for a walk or Jogging or Going for a walk, Strengthens Our bones and reduces Heart Problems Keeps Us Fit, Active And Healthy. In brief, you can go for a morning walk, evening whereas after dinner.

Walking or likewise jogging is very beneficial for you. As a result, we will be always active. By the way, make a habit of getting some fresh air every day by doing some outdoor activity.

Above all, breathing deeply fills you, with oxygen as a result, you feel relaxed and tension free.


Workout Boosts our memory power, increase energy level. To be fit and active Exercise is very important for our health. We should always spend some time for exercise to keep yourself, fit and healthy. As a rule, doing some stretching exercise. As a result, when we stretch our back straight and spread our shoulders, we feel our muscles are relaxed.

In addition, burn some calories by workout like cardio, jogging, aerobic, yoga likewise going for a walk. By the way, it also very effectual for reducing belly fat. Above all dancing is a very good exercise to burn fat.

Healthy Tips is to follow, a Healthy Diet

Following a healthy tip, similarly, food which we eat should be healthy and full of nutrient, and in addition with a healthy fat. However, it should be denser in calories. In short, avoid food which is too rich or heavy.

In addition, overeating is not good for health, hold for some time to check do you really need more or not.

Especially, eating on small plates makes us eat less. Besides, a small plate full of food creates a visual aspect of a full plate. In other words, it will be a good portion of our diet.

Drinking water later after a meal, as a result, improves our health and digestion.

Similarly, munching is not a pastime. In conclusion, it is the result of gaining extra calories. As an example, avoid having a meal in front of television, it is a bad eating habit. As a result, It diverts your mind thus, you overeat whereas you gain weight.

By the way, avoid the unhealthy eating habit, finally, it creates further health problems. As a rule, using unsaturated vegetable oil for cooking is good for health. Oil should not be too much heated. In this case, olive oil is best for health.

Avoid all unhealthy food

Healthy Tips to be fit, active and healthy. Above all say no to Junk Food. Whereas fast food is full of sodium and fat. The increased level of salt and fat, in short harms our heart and kidney. We are prone to high blood pressure and sugar. In addition, Some doctors prove that fast food is the source of cancer in the stomach and colon.

Healthy Tips, Say no to all Soft Drinks or Sugary drinks

Generally, soda contains artificial or real sugar. When we want to be fit healthy and active, sacrifice Soda. Consequently, you will be prone to gain extra weight. Our brain does not measure liquid sugary drinks. Subsequently, the same with solid food also. In comparison, we gain weight unnecessarily. Soft drinks or other sugary juices are particularly to some disease like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and in particular, many more health problems.

Therefore, instead of processed packed or junk food eating fresh home-cooked food is good for health. Hence we will be healthy.

If we feel like small hunger and need something? Eating some nuts will be good. In conclusion Calories in nuts are absorbed only 10 to 15% only. Besides, Nuts are recognized, to boost our metabolism. In addition, Almonds likewise lessens our weight by 62%.

By the way, including lots of vegetables and fruits in our diet. Fibre is very good for digestion. Especially, Fiber, present in vegetable and fruits is coupled with vitamins, minerals, and lots of antioxidants. As an example, people who eat lots of veggies and fruits live longer. Together with, it lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes including heart disease, obesity and many more illness.

Furthermore, one of the most effective Healthy tips is to add Protein in our diet. Protein helps in losing weight, similarly, it boost your metabolism and keeps you full for a long time. As a result, you eat less.

Proper hygiene habits

We should always prevent our self from infection, we should follow some hygienic habits. In addition, keeping our hand germ free by washing them regularly and frequently whenever it is dirty or necessary.

Washing hands just after entering the home is a very good habit. in addition to, use sanitizer, outdoor. By the way, washing our hands, before cooking and after using wash-room is very necessary. Taking showers, grooming ourselves as well as wearing clean clothes is very important. As a rule keeping our self-clean, fit and healthy. Together with, not only our self but your surroundings also should be clean.

Routine checkups are must

To be Fit, and Active and Healthy, it is necessary to take care of your self. Above all regular Routine checkups after 45, is a must. Most importantly follow doctor’s advice, as what medicine, vitamins or supplements you need.

Stress ruins our body

To be fit and active stay away from stress. As a result, a worried person becomes weaker internally. In this case, share your emotions also your problems with your friend or family. Thus, you will feel relaxed.

Water is tonic to be fit and active

Accordingly, the tip to be fit, active and healthy, is drinking eight glass or more water is essential for our body requirement. As a result, water flushes out toxins. Therefore drinking water is a must for your body. Thus to be hydrated.

Additionally, Including a good amount of herbs and spices in your diet, heals us internally. Therefore, Ginger coupled with turmeric is loaded with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. Also, they are beneficial to our health. In addition, tip to be fit and active add it in your diet.

Excess Alcoholism, is a slow poison

For the most part, Alcohol is a slow poison for your body and together with relations. In other words, It affects your kidneys and liver. Also, you will be addicted to it. Additionally, it affects your finance. So to be fit and Active we should not over exceed it.

Smoking is Injurious for health.

As a result, Smoking is very bad for our lungs. Such as it damages your lungs also your health. in brief, It is the main cause of lung cancer. As a result, It not only harms the smoker but similarly affects the person near him or her.

In conclusion, to be fit and healthy habits we should follow healthy hygiene habits, and here are some benefits of the healthy diet below.

Know some facts about health related.

Tips to Stay Fit and Active, Do not take shower with hot water. The temperature should be a little warm.

To begin with, healthy food, not only our body our brain also speeds up.

In addition, Healthy food makes our body strong.

Also, Food that is healthy, makes our bones strong.

For Example to stay Fit and Healthy, keep a gap of 2 to 3 hours in between dinner and sleeping.

Finally, now you know the benefit of healthy food and side effects of unhealthy food. In brief, whatever we eat, affects your body.

Furthermore, from now onward start a healthy habit of food and diet. Also, try to have a good hygiene habit.

If you have any query or suggestion, please feel free to write in the comment box.

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