Baby’s development week by week

To begin with, see here the growth of your baby. Starting from a tiny cluster of cells to a full-grown baby. As an example, we will see the stages of the baby in image slides and in a video. Likewise, feel the glimpse of your baby’s movement and development inside your uterus. Similarly, feel the changes of physical and emotional going on through. Also, see how life is growing inside you coupled with the progress of every stage.


img src ="Baby's development" alt ="Baby's development week by week from week one to nine month"
Baby’s development

Thereby the first journey begins by the process of Fertilization hence it looks like this.

Baby’s development at one-month pregnancy

So then, now your baby has changed from clusters of cells to an embryo. After a while, the embryo is divided into two layers, by the way from here the body parts will exist.

Baby’s development at two months of Pregnancy

Usually, you can see your baby’s size has changed to the size of a kidney bean beside it is unstable now. However, Baby’s fingers are clear In brief it is slightly webbed.

Baby’s development at three months of pregnancy

Accordingly at this stage baby’s size is about 7 to 8 cm. (3 inches) and weight approximately 23 grams. Also, for the most part, Baby’s incomparable fingerprints have been created.

Baby’s development at four months of pregnancy

Furthermore, Baby’s size has changed to 13 cm. (5.5 inches) long and weighs 140 grams. Baby’s flexible structure of bones including cartilage have been developed.

Baby’s development of five months of pregnancy

As a result of babies eyelids, eyebrows are formed in the fifth month. In the meantime, you can see babies legs upright, and the baby’s size is now 27 cm. (10.5 inches) in length.

Baby’s development at six months

Furthermore, at this stage, the weight of your baby is about 660 grams. Likewise, now your baby’s skin has become smooth as a result of fat developing has started.

Baby’s development seven months

Therefore, now your baby’s size is near about 40 cm. (15 inches). For the most part, now baby can open and close his eyelids In addition to the baby can see around you.

Eight months of pregnancy

As an example, Baby’s weight is now approximately 2.1 kg. A layer of fat coupled with Lungs have been developed. Thus baby looks chubby

Nine months of pregnancy

So, finally, Baby’s delivery date has almost arrived. Baby’s approximately weight is now 3.3 kg and now your baby’s length from head to toe 51 cm. (20.5 inches). Opposite to weight and size may vary in different to the different infant.

In short in this video, see your baby growth week by week

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